Profit and Loss Install Wifi at Home. Already know?

The government has re-enacted work and school from home to suppress the transmission of the COVID-19 virus. Of course, working as well as schooling at home requires a stable internet connection so it doesn’t interfere with work or school. But, unfortunately, the internet connection used is sometimes even slow so it requires wifi that offers managed service wifi .wifi

However, before deciding to install wifi at home, you must first know the advantages and disadvantages of installing wifi. Anything? Come on, see!


Free access to the internet all day
By using wifi, you are free to access the internet all day long. Your internet needs will also be fulfilled, especially if there is a guarantee of a faster internet connection compared to others.

Save expenses

Of course, by using wifi, you also become more efficient than using the regular internet. The reason is, wifi can be used for all family members without increasing costs. If calculated, the cost will certainly be much more efficient.

Can be used for anything without connection constraints

Wifi can be used for anything without being constrained by connection, slow or dead. In fact, wifi can be used to conduct video conferences, stream dramas, to download favorite songs, movies, and dramas.


It can only be used in that place
Although wifi provides various advantages, but, unfortunately, wifi is only used in that place. For example, if you install wifi at home, then you can only use wifi at home that radiates a wifi network. So, if you are outside the house, you certainly will not be able to use it.

Risk of burglary

Sometimes, even if the wifi has been given a password that is considered difficult, the risk of burglary can still be done. If there is a break-in, of course you can lose money because you have paid for the package but instead other people are enjoying the internet. So, make sure to set a really difficult password so that it doesn’t get hacked by strangers.

Those are some of the advantages and disadvantages that will be obtained if you install wifi at home. So , are you interested in installing wifi at home? You need best internet in San Antonio if you want to install internet at your home