Online Business Ideas Without Capital in 2022

Online business ideas are increasingly being sought, especially those that can be started with minimal capital, aka small capital ideas. The reason, the opportunity to run an online business is now more open. Simply by sitting at home, you can run your own business. There are various options available for those of you who want to run an online idea. Starting from being a dropshipper, online reseller, affiliate, to being a freelance writer. If you are still confused about starting a suitable business, check out the review of the following online business ideas.

Become a Dropshipper business

Dropshipping business is an online system that allows sellers (dropshippers) to only need to market a product without the need to buy or stock the product. So, it can be said that as a dropshipper, you act as both a seller and a buyer. How come?

This is because you are buying something based on your customer’s order. This small capital business idea is very profitable, because you only need to forward the order to the supplier.

Therefore, you need to work with suppliers. Like other online business ideas, you can market their products on online platforms such as websites or social media. As a dropshipper, you can earn income from the price difference between the buyer’s price for you and the price of your dropship service.

Become an Online Reseller

A reseller business is an online product sales system that allows you to act as a seller of products from suppliers to resell them to customers. Unlike being a dropshipper, you need to stock up on goods to become a reseller. So, as a reseller, you need to prepare a storage location such as a warehouse to organize the storage of goods. In addition, you also need to prepare the marketing flow, packaging, to delivery of goods to the hands of customers.

Starting an Affiliate Business

Affiliate business is an online product sales system that makes people (affiliators) earn commissions from each sale through their affiliate link. To become an affiliate, you only need to enroll in certain affiliate programs.

Once you join, you’ll get a special link that directs your audience to the program’s product or service. Well, every time there is a transaction originating from that link, you will earn a commission.

Generally, affiliate program products are in the form of digital products such as membership applications to website hosting services. But now, various physical products such as cosmetics also implement affiliate programs to market their products.

Opening an Online Store

The online shop business is also one of the promising online business ideas. If you already have a product ready for sale, you need to set up an online store to make it easier for customers to order your products.

To bring in customers, you can promote your online store through social media. In addition, you can also create a blog and embed a link to your online store.