The Latest Marketing Tips for Startups in 2022

This is even more so for start-up companies or better known as startups.

Budgets that tend to be tight, coupled with many competitors make startup companies have to be more creative in marketing their products.

Create a referral program

A 2019 Forbes report said 78 percent of B2B marketers consider referral programs to have good prospects. Based on statistical data, customers acquired through referrals had a 37 percent higher retention rate, with a 16 percent jump in profits.

An example of the success of this referral program can be seen in the sportswear company Girlfriend Collective. In an already crowded market, he made one of the free leggings their main investment. As a result, their name spread quickly and the Girlfriend Collective started getting around 10,000 orders a day.

Marketing with video

According to statistics released by Renderforest, 78 percent of companies get more traffic when they embed videos or animations in their web pages.

Create relevant content

Releasing content that is relevant to the target audience on social media and blogs is one effective way to increase brand awareness and increase engagement in general. Therefore, provide your target audience with content with an engaging narrative.

Offline promotion

Digital marketing is currently very popular. However, we should not ignore offline marketing, for example through brochures.

Keep and analyze statistics

You should statistically analyze every part of your strategy, from checking leads, conversions and rates. This will help you in deciding what strategies are effective and which strategies need to be changed or even avoided.

Make use of e-mail for Marketing

About 89 percent of marketers are using email as one of their main tools to generate leads to their website in 2021. Through email, new and existing customers can be notified about your company’s latest products. However, make sure that the email you send feels personal, so that it becomes a plus point for customers.